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with u >> fire ball erupt at last particular plant in fairfield. firefighters try to beat it back from the ground and from the air. tons of water to douse the flames. this is live picture from sky 7 hd. it has
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been burning in solano county all day long, fairfield. good evening. let's get right to the scene for you now. john is there live with the very latest on this. john. >> well dan behind me you can see firefighters still pouring water on one of the flare ups. the wind has made the smoke dissipate now hanging high in the air. short time ago we heard from the fire marshal that this inferno was an accident. caused by employees doing some repair work behind the building. even after the monster fire was put out, flare ups continue through the late afternoon and early evening. about 5 hours after the flames erupted behind macro plastic, investigators pointed the finger at workers. >> we have confirmed with the business owners and employees on site that they did have myes working with some type of open flame device. i don't have details but probably a blow torch or welding in that area. >>reporter: first call came in
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around 1:00 p.m. as tower of black smoke funneled up to the sky creating a giant mushroom cloud over solano county. company makes plastic bin used by agriculture during arrest vest time. estimated 15 to 30 thousands of the bin went up in flames. >> challenge to this type of fire are that the plastic burns extremely hot. there is intense heat. and obviously the thick dark smoke and it is dangerous for our personnel obviously from a breathing perspective because we are right there with it. >>reporter: at the height fire reached 6 alarms. 120 firefighters came from all over solano county including teams from nar by travis air force base which brought 2 crash truck used for airplane emergency. the plastic company has been at this location for 20 years. never experiencing a fire according to a company official. about 45 employees work here. >> we have evacuation procedure and we know that everyone made it out safe and sound. it's
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procedure. >>reporter: back live firefighters continue to douse the area with water. sacramento tv station decided to park a leif truck from feet where we saw the major flare up earlier in our story. i hope they have good insurance. and can run fast. the building was not damaged. this was just in an area behind the building and in fact the company will be holding a news conference tomorrow to tell us more. 3 firefighters suffered minor injuriesment one firefighters hurt his knee but no one required hospitalization. live in fair field, abc 7 news. as you said dozens, more than 100 in fact firefighters on the scene today. they began pulling back later in the afternoon today. any idea how long the firefighters will stay on the scene there tonight? will they be there all night. >> they will be hear all night at standard procedure. fire watch with an event of this magnitude. here all evening because we have seen flare up in the 3 or 4 hours since our early evening broadcast went on
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the air and with so much plastic still back there and still stacked up, yes, they will be here through the night. >> john do you smell anything in the air any residue of plastic or toxic smoke in the air or is it all gone. >>reporter: no. it ace lit wind out here. most of the smoke and ground level is gone but as i look up tough to sea on the camera but you can see this thin layer of dark smoke. very high up. moving away but on ground level, no. >> thanks very much john reporting live from fair field tonight sky the fir was seen as you saw from the pictures of his report from miles away. back life now from sky 7 hd. you can see firefighters still putting water on top of the last flare up. last hot spot on this fire. resident in the vicinity received robo call telling them to stay inside shelter in place because of the nature of what was in this toxic smoke. that story tonight from lisa is who is live in nearby neighbor. lace? >>reporter: we are here at the
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bed ford fall subdivision less than a mile from macro plastic. city tells people who leif this chose to stay inside especially if there's still smoke in the area. and that has been the case off and on the past eight hours or so. less than an hour ago thick black smoke started filling ther company but then the smoke dissipated again. according to health experts i spoke with with bay area air quality management, the smoke is very toxic and should be avoided. that's why early on resident who leif within a mile of macro plastic were told to voluntarily shelter in place. that means close all window and doors. stay inside. turn the air conditioner off. >> toxic cocktail. about the worst type of smoke you cohen counter. it's definitely which brew of toxic chemical we don't know what but if it is plastic
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main ingredient it's really toxic. >> i'll be staying indoors too because i can smell some of the smoke you know. they said to just stay indoors so i'll be staying indoors. >>reporter: you live in this subdivision? reverse 911 calls went out to thousands of resident who leif nearby advising them to stay in. a lot of people did heed the fact the manager over at this mobile home park on walter road are even considering draining the swimming pool there because of the soot and debris that has fallen in. back hear live now some symptoms if you have been exposed to all these toxins would be watery eye, sore throat and shortness of breath. live in fairfield, lisa, abc 7 news. okay. lisa thanks very muc much. >> now viewers sent pictures of the fire to you report powered by you tube. number of photos sent in. very grateful. allows us to tell the story in a different way. the thick plume of smoke caused by the fire there over the neighborhood. very dramatic pictures on the web site. we
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invait to you continue up loading the pictures and video to or e-mail them to this site. we'll have the photo on our web site. so check them out and send them in if you can. we appreciate it. >> moving on. talk now about the debt crisis. it is back to the drug board for house speaker boehner. tomorrow vote on his plan has been pushed to thursday now because the math apparently did not add up. democrat said the plan was dead on arrival. mane while today for the first tame a prominent financial analyst says the situation is tenuous enough that getting out of the stock market has merit. >> if you are a small investor nothing wrong in moving to the side lines on a short term basis to wait until the dust settles. >> when will the dust settle is a question. lack of debt deal sent stock down 92 points today. anger and anxiety spilling over. phone lines at the capitol are jammed and local congressional offices here in the bay area are facing protest. all of this after the
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president called on americans to weigh in on the debt ceiling issue. here's political reporter mark matthews. >>reporter: outside congresswoman pelosi office in san francisco protestors chanted against cuts in social security. medicare. and against the tea party demand to leave the debt ceiling where it is. >> don't throw workers under the bus. americans degree with us. >>reporter: in napa tea party members stood across the street from congressman thompson office protesting the president's call for rolling back tax break on the rich. >> this is the first time i have ever seen a president try to do away with our capitalist particular system. it bothers me. >>reporter: tea party out number by pro obama supporters who stood outside the congressman office. in the phones ringing but not from conservative. >> it's center left or left. >> yes. yes. as far as the
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calls we are getting. >>reporter: yesterday the president encouraged his supporters to raise the voices. >> if you weren't a balance approach to reducing the deficit let your member of congress know. if you believe we can solve this been through compromise send that message. >>reporter: many americans responded temporarily crashing the web site of speaker boehner and senate minority leader mcconnell. they clogged capitol phone lines. harry reid office took in 300 calls an hour this morning. house minority leader pelosi office told us they were not getting calls but they did not allow reporters that her district office to see for themselves. l it's doubtful public pressure will men much to tea party members of congress who are revving to budge on the no tax pledge. >> it seems to me they really believe as an art kill of faith that taxation is too high. doesn't matter what the historical standard is. they don't seam to be listening to that. >>reporter: professor referring to the historically low levels of revenue tax money
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coming that the government as low as it has been in 50 years. on the other hand government spending l is very nearly as high as it has been since world war ii. result? growing deficit. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. governor brown has picked a law professor whose judicial nomination went nowhere in washington to sit on the state supreme court. 40-year-old lou has taught at uc berkeley for eight years. he takened yale law school and clerked for supreme court justice ginsburg. lou was named to the federal appeals court by president obama last year but nomination was blocked by republican who called him too liberal and too inexperienced. he has never served as a judge. san francisco today governor brown said that lou was simply the best man for the job. >> he's well qualified. well educated. about solid temper meant. and i also l felt that adding a person of academic
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background would compliment the other judges who all came from the court of appeals. >>reporter: but the same republican party said lou appointment will cost california jobs. quote activist judges spread uncertainty and that discourages employers from investing in california future. san francisco garbage could be headed to a new dumping ground after years of planning and months of debate, the board of supervisors has approved a contract to send tons of trash to yuba county. as carolyn tyler reports there is a lawsuit that could block that deal. >> there was trash talking at san francisco board of supervisors today. over what to do about the city garbage. right now the nearly 1,000 tons a day not recycled or composted is trucked to a land fill in livermore owned by waste management. but that company deal with the city expires in 2015. take the supervisors voted overwhelmingly 9-2 to
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award the new contract to another firm instead of taking the garbage to livermore they plan to truck the trash to oakland and take it by train to the land fill it owner in yuba county. saying that will save customers about 100 million dollars over 10 years. >> by using rail hall we are able to take truck off the roa road, save fuel, and also save rate payers money. >>reporter: but some yawb a county resident an those who own farm land there say they tried to lobby lawmakers. >> it is meant for local use. for the county surrounding yuba county. it doesn't need to take all of san francisco unrecycle trash. >>reporter: they pin on a lawsuit filed by waste management the company that lost the garbage contract. they are accusing the city of having a sweet heart deal with this company that is already the only firm authorized to pick up the city trash.
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>> what we have asked for is a level playing field. this has been a two year process, if you will, and we submitted a far superior package. >> some san francisco resident are also challenging the lock on the city garbage function and may try to put the issue to the voters next june. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. a lot more to bring you on the news at 9. coming up. wedding planner. scheme that reached from russia to san francisco. >> new new warning about terrorism for americans traveling abroad. we'll explain where and why. >> also the norway massacre. terror suspect biggest surprise and state of mind according to his own lawyer. >> i'm spencer christian in the accu-weather forecast center. temperatures are on the rise. where will they top out? answer in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> also speed. direction. or maybe the radio. no. 1 reason
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couples fight in the car. we 11 you with this life picture once again. of that fire in fairfield. eight hours after it began. firefighters still fairfield. eight hours after it began. firefighters still on the scene. more to come.
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>> federal grand jury in sacramento has inkiteed 14 people on charges of arranging phony marriages for im grnts from russia, ukraine and other parts of eastern europe to help them stay here in the united states. one of those indicted is a 26-year-old san francisco woman. story tonight from george warren. >> the indictment unsealed at the federal court house tells the story of a wedding planner. that would charge as much as 25,000 dollars for a simple ceremony. sometimes using this downtown wren 0chapel. could
9:17 pm
justify the expense to his clients because prosecutors say the sole purpose as two get them a green card. >> the case i'm announcing today the lead defendant several accomplice are alleged to have made a business out of marriage fraud. >>reporter: indictment charges 14 people in the marriage fraud scheme. about half of them americans who were paid to get married to the other half. who were foreigners who paid for the privilege. pros cawtors say the alleged ring leader sometimes work out of his citrus heights apartment. for a time he rented space at this business complex half block away. although the neighbors there said they rarely saw any actual work being done. >> going by there l see guys playing pool in the warehouse. drinking beer. with mawts ick on. wondered what kind of bits operated that way. >>reporter: although the arrest came just this week, scheme actually began to
9:18 pm
collapse 2 summers ago when the feds raided his home and offic office. >> our suspicion were prove, i guess. we are in the talking about down trodden people that are looking for a way to get to the a better life. we are talking about people making a profit. and my message is that our immigration system is not for sale. >>reporter: tl that's george warren reporting. all right on to the weather forecast to spencer christian is here. we have a nice string of days to coy. i would say. we have warm weather coming and get warmer and warm are day by day and probably nice stretch of true enter weather we have had so far. >> but not extreme. >> not extreme. no record temp or anything like. that here's a live view from our high definition sutro camera looking towards western sky and still a little a little bit of an after glow there from sunset in the western sky. sky mainly clear inland but we do have some coastal low clouds and fog pushing locally across the bay. that was the picture this afternoon and high pressure this afternoon did climb into the upper 80's in places lake
9:19 pm
antioch, concord, livermore, morgan hill and up north clover dale high of 88, high of 84, santa rosa 66 here in san francisco and 62 at half moon bay and right now still pretty mild in the inland area, 76 antioch, 74 at concord, 60's mainly in the other inland areas and 56 here in san francisco. the highlights are thechlts see low clouds returning to the bay tonight from the coast right around the bay in some location. not all the way around the bay. further warming tomorrow and temperatures peak this weekend and hold at least 2 or three days. low pressure overnight. tonight drop in the mid upper 50's so pretty mild overnight period as we have seen the last several nights. water vapor image weak trough in the jet stream. lifting out now and as it does so it makes room for the expansion of very, very warm air from our east moving west ward. this is the big heat wave that is blanketed much of the nation. now moving towards california and towards the bay area. so let's move on and take a closer look at
9:20 pm
conditions 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning see some low cloud and fog that will mav locally inland overnight. all full back to the coast lake did and yesterday and have this pattern high pressure near the coast in the low to mid 60's and mainly 70's around the bay and 80's to low 90's in the warmest inland area. close in on the east bay kl skies sunny tomorrow afternoon. see high generally in the low 80's. 81 at san jose. 82 at campbell. peninsula high mainly in the mid upper 70's up to about 78 at palo alto mountain view low mid 60's on the coast at pacifica and a half moon bay downtown san francisco 67 tomorrow. 64 in the sun set district. north bay high mainly in the mid upper 80's. 86 at santa rosa. 87 calistoga but 91 at clover dale and 94 at ukiah. nearest bay high range from upper ask is to low to mid 70's then even into the upper 70's at cast from valley at fremont. inland east bay upper 80's the most part. up to 90 at antioch and 91 brentwood and monterey bay we see 69 at
9:21 pm
watsonville and 72 at santa cruz upper 80's to about 90 inland. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast if couple degrees warmer each day. until friday when we top out at about 94 in the inland area and that will hold right on through the weekend. the bay location around the bay see high in the low 80's on the coast upper 60's to around 70 and there won't be much change for the next 6 days. nice stretch of warm but not extremely hot summer like weather. >> steady as she goes. >> that's right is that thank you spencer very much. >> well, who will keep the dog in? still ahead. bay area city campaign to build a local dog park unique effort. >> no mind like the criminal mind. coming up next. how man turned the office printer into
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>> dog lovers in pacifica want
9:24 pm
to unleash the power of the internet to get their pooch a new place to play. they have entered a contest to win a new dog park. as jonathan reports, now all they need is people to vote for them. is meet cash. the canine star of this video produced by a group of pacifica dog lovers. if can't find any place to play without a leash in pacifica no matter how hard he searches. >> dog have to have exercise. i have had people say to me i'm forced to break the law every day. because i have to exercise my dog and there's no where to do it. >>reporter: that's why she and few friends start add group called pooch, pacifica organization of canine helpers. for 5 years they have worked tirelessly to get a dog park built in pacifica. found the perfect spot behind the city recreation center. >> this space was so perfect we were drooling. >> what is the obstacle so far. >> i think money.
9:25 pm
>>reporter: the pooch group won over the city an managed to convince the neighbors. now they say one thing they need in order for cash here to remove the leash is money. >> that's why the video money for cash because that's all we need is the money. the cash can have a place to play. >>reporter: now she hopes the video she proud along with editor matthew levee will win them the money in on lane contest called mark for your park. that particular shot that is on the screen behind me i think may have taken 5 or 6 takes to get right. >>reporter: animal actor not the easiest but they won an award from the neighbor and won pacifica a place in the final 15. >> we have the best video but in order to win the contest we need people to vote. >> a week left in the contest. grand praises 100,000 dollars from pet company toward building the dog park. folk hope to get enough vote to blow away the competition. in pacifica, jonathan bloom, l abc 7 news. >> good boy indeed. if you
9:26 pm
want to see the entire video and cast your vote for pacific kashtion you can find the lincoln our web site just go to receive and click on see it on tv. the kudo tonight to track coach in san francisco. >> now when you release it eject it state up. okay. 1, 2, 3. if outstanding. outstanding. >>reporter: that's the day job for robert mcdaniel kitchen for the recreation and park department for the city but it's his hobby earning him special recognition. he came in tenth in the world for his able group in the men hurdle at the master championship in sacramento this month and he is already looking forward to 2 2013. >> my wife and i decide tenth place in the world is not saturday fay for myself, my club and recreation park department i will if attempt to take if the world record in 100 meter hurdle for the age group
9:27 pm
of 55 to 59. >>reporter: his boss says robert is a role model for the 16,000 kids at summer program in san francisco. if rest of us who are a little old interfact as well. good for hill. >> when we continues tonight the state department issues global travel warning. what is raising the risk of anti-american violence worldwide? >> i'm in sacramento. even though amazon is trying to over turn california new on line sales tax law the state takes the first step to implement it. >> also ahead here tonight. new reality show coming to abc. game of finders keepers. challenge of hiding 100,000 dollars somewhere in san francisco. fichlt plus why it may not pay to be super rich in francisco. fichlt plus why it may not pay to be super rich in china. another half hour of
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>> about good evening once again. new alert today for americans heading over seas in the peek of the summer travel season. alert warns of tightened security risk and as we explains it impose back to the raid that killed osama bin laden. >> al qaeda vow of reveping for osama bin laden killing is no idol threat. >> tourist people working in other cities. they think that's a lot easier and probably is a lot easier than coming back to attack washington or new york. >>reporter: state department bulletin warns of potential for anti-american violence given the death of osama bin laden. current information suggest that al qaeda and aaffiliated organization continue to plan terrorist attack. sources tell that you say after bin laden killing al qaeda new leader pl told operative to target americans where they can be found. not just the u.s.
9:31 pm
homeland. according to the state department americans should be concerned about suicide operations, assassination, kid napping, hi jacking and bombing. u.s. officials also mindful that bin laden had encouraged lead investigators attack the u.s. on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. >> there is a desire to do an attack and therefore americans whether at home or abroad need to take that into account. as well as the new guidance from al qaeda to itself to attack over seas americans. >>reporter: there is growing concern about the reach of al qaeda affiliates over seas in yemen and emerging threat from somalia. senior al qaeda leader recently killed there was carrying xawter files indicating the group was discussing mombai attack on hotel ins europe. today this warning from the new nominee to head the counter terrorism center >> probably the next most significant if terrorist threat may emanate from the al qaeda presence in somalia.
9:32 pm
>>reporter: 40 americans have again to somalia and fight and train in recent years. some could be directed to attack here at home or over seas that is what the state department is concerned b. >> man behind norway terror attack says he is surprised that he was not stopped. he told his lawyer he expected to be killed after the first attack. defense attorney also says anders is likely insane. he says he's saturday fade with the attack and looks at himself as savior of some kind. he claimed he was trying to save europe from what he called muslim colonies. his attorney says he has not shown any remorse for killing 76 people. >> he said it was necessary if to start war in europe and western world so he's sorry that it was necessary but it was necessary he says. >> thoughts of mourners continue to pay their respect at growing memorial of flowers,
9:33 pm
candle and flag at oslo cathedral. in washington president obama signed book of condolence at the norwegian embassy. >> moving on to the economy now. abc news poll has found economic downturn forcing fund mental changes in the way we all live. 54 percent of thoughts survey said that they have had to change their life styles significantly. 74 percent said that someone in the household or close friend or family member has been laid off in the past year. and 82 percent say they are having a difficult time finding a job in their area of expertise. now we would like to hear your personal testimonial. how recession has impacted your life. record it on the cell phone or digital camp are and up load to you 7 so that we can tell your story about the economy. >> in sacramento tonight. wheels are in motion to begin collecting sales tax from his on line retailers lake amazon. but is it a west of time?
9:34 pm
capitol correspondent annette explains why some people believe the answer its yes. >> on line retail giant amazon began gathering signatures for a referendum hoping to over turn the state new law requiring the seattle base company and other out of state retail investigators start collecting the sales tax from california customers. despite effort under way to void the law what authority do we have if the bill is suspend. >>reporter: board of equalization a taxing agency began discussing how to implement the on line sales ta tax. republican members question whether it is appropriate to proceed knowing amazon will lakely get enough signatures to put the break on the new law until voters way in next year. >> i have great difficulty that for to us continue a regular willtory process on basically a bill the, concept that indeed is on if pause. >> but democrat pointed out amazon is still in the process of over turning on line sales
9:35 pm
tax law and gave the okay for the state to begin creating results to comply. >> i believe we have a responsibility to basically uphold the law. it is the law. took an oath of office to uphold the law. >> many california base web site that provide a link to amazon and other retailers lost a chunk o. revenue when contract cancelled early this movement amazon and others did not want to start collecting the sales tax. former amazon affiliate disappointed california is moving ahead. >> if the signature are gathered then the rule making becomes a moot point. doesn't mat. >>reporter: brick and mortar store are happy the state is moving forward to even the playing field. where business with store front and on cyberspace both have to collect the sales tax. >> i believe that flt businesses that are set up on line to essentially to skate the sales tax law are frauding the government and the people. >>reporter: amazon executives told p c magazine today they
9:36 pm
lack for federal law dictating on line sales tax rather than leaving it up to the state. in sacramento, abc 7 news. pl former hospital worker admitted today to embezzling more than 1 million dollars by ordering printer toner. here's how. pros cawtors say that mark gum ordered unnecessary and incompatible toner cartridge for sloan-kettering in new york city. 1.2 million dollars worth over a year time. tl she then had delivery drivers meet him and give him the supplies on the street. he then you getsed it rae sold the toner and pocketed the cash. what did he do with the stolen money. he purchased a diamond rolex. bags and watches and 50,000 dollar bmw. lavish trips to las vegas, cancun and florida. he has to for fit all the stuff he bought and he will be sentenced next month. well may not pay to be if rich if in china. recent survye by the news find chinese
9:37 pm
millionaire dies every 43 days. 73 died since 2003. 17 committed suicide. 19 died of illness. 14 were executed. not sure what it all means exactly but need leads to say the survey made the wealthy people feel alive in china. a little bit more nervous. >> well it is the first a first for the annual burning manifest value just ahead here tonight why organizers have stopped selling tickets. >> als. new electric car company plans to take on bay area base in the race to go green. stay with us. news
9:38 pm
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>> shrinking brain may be the praise we pay for being human. researchers at george washington university say while human brain shrink as they abl able, chimp brains do not. finding up end the conventional wisdom that the brains of all primate shrink over time. as we aim our brains lose 15 percent of the original weight. people suffering with age rae lateed dimensia such as alzheimer's experience even more shrink acknowledge. research suggest that people are more vulnerable than chimp to age related diseases simply because we leif longer. >> another electric vehicle has entered the race to go green.
9:41 pm
this car from finland hopes to compete with tesla and get draivrs to rethink how far they can go on a single charge. but it will not come cheap. david reports from silicon valley. >> it ace cliche to call this a shiney new car but it is. with glass flex mixed into the paint this car has certain sparkle. chairman adventure capitalist ray lane situations thinks it will rae move a major barrier worried about how far an electric car can good on a single charge. it claims to have a range of 300 miles. he explains how it is point. you get your electricity from 2 sources. one from a battery which is charged by the grid plug it in at night and second internal combustion engine tha s to general writ more electricity. so it is a single power train. all electric. >>reporter: that's the distinctive sound of the twin 2 01 horsepower engine which
9:42 pm
reach top speed of 125 miles an hour. it is on the pricey side from knicks to 108,000 dollars but he is planning to add lower prison model to the fleet. interior also is environmentally friendly. >> this car comes from rescued wood from the california forest tie. reclaimed wood from the bottom of lake michigan. so everything that we do we don't go down and cut did you know trees we use the beauty of the environment. we use the beauty of the wood that is already there. >> there's also environmentally friendly news on the vehicle charging front. san mateo solar city starting to sell solar power quantity to keep the vehicle topped off at home. compare the cost to 230 dollars if you plug that the wall. solar system is around 55 dollars a month. for the same system using electric vehicle. >> price of solar charging station about 1500 dollars and if still worried about running out of power on the road, walgreens says it wl be installing about 800 charging stations across the country.
9:43 pm
in menlo park, david lou abc 7 news. >> tl particular to the annual burning manifest value in nevada have sold out for the first time in its 25 year history. organizers have stopped ticket sales saying they are close to the event 5 50,000 person limit. you will not be able to buy a ticket the at the gate or at any walk in outlet either. organizers are warning if you don't have a ticket don't show you. can't get in. news appears to have driven prices through the roof, too. one ticket on ebay sold for 8 70 dollars after a 6 hour bidding war. >> speaking of bidding. 200-year-old bottle of wine set a record today at most valuable bottle of white wine. bottle sold in britain for 117,000 dollars. there it is. chateau is from the renal of french collector plans to put tonight a bullet paragraph case to entice customers to his new restaurant. white wines that spoil after a few years experts say the chateau im pwroovs
9:44 pm
maturity and say high levels of residual should go are and grape natural acid act as preservative agent. printing. >> well, take the money and run. coming up. game of hide and seek plays out on the streets of san francisco. we have that story. >> plus what is the saddest movie scene ever? researchers at
9:45 pm
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and get another one free. >> new reality show premier next week on take the money and run set in san francisco with two walnut creek brothers hoping to win 100,000 dollars. what do they have to do? here's arts entertainment reporter don sanchez. >> content of this briefcase are worth 100,000 dollars. you have exactly 1 hour to the hide the case anywhere you choose. >> brother have to take the money and run trying to out wit detectives and claim the case as their own. >> i believe they want to hide it where nobody can see it or find it real concealed we made plan hid it it was awesome. >> they grau up in antioch. he's an actor in los angeles so the show will be great exposur exposure. paul manages a concord restaurant. there is a twist in the show. after they hide it they are arrested and then interrogated. that was
9:48 pm
intimidating they say. the detectives have 48 hours to find the loot if they do, they can take it. otherwise it belongs to the brothers. >> it is a game and there is no real repercussions except for if you give up where the case is at then there's the repercussion you lose the game. >>reporter: so it becomes stressful. brother his to choose someplace. any place in the city to hide the brief case and they only had an hour in up an intriguing thought. ifs you were in their shoes where would you hide the money. bit is different when you are watching the show. >> this is real now like it's not as easy as it seems. >>reporter: brothers were raised most hi by their single mom. they wanted to get the money to help her >> she's actually in remission for cancer as well. part of the money give back to her a little bit as well. >>reporter: even mom doesn't know if they won it. they can't tell anyone the outcome. >> you have to watch the show. >> can't say anything. you have to watch the show >>reporter: it's tuesday night
9:49 pm
august 2nd. walnut creek, abc 7 news. >> we trade but they were tight lipped about it. >> have you ever wondered what the saddest scene in an american movie is. wonder no more. >> wake up. wake up. pishingts the moment in 1979 the champ when ricky cries over the death of his boxer father. 2 researchers reached that conclusion after testing 250 movie scenes on almost 500 people. they found that more people cried over those tears than over the death of bambi mom. pretty sad too. as you recall. >> let's go back to update the forecast spencer is here. nothing to we hope about in the forecast. >> that is true. we have is in weather coming our way. time lapse view from the high definition sutro camera looking out over san francisco this evening and you can see the little shallow marine layer trying to work its way across the bay and still doing that this evening as we speak.
9:50 pm
there is warming trend coming our way. trough in the jet stream strong north expansion of warm air from our east to west and enhance the trend and 92 in sacramento. 96 fresno. 104 palm springs. 80 in los angeles and here in the bay area inland high in the upper 80's to low 90's in the warmest location 60's to 70's around the bay and here is our accu-weather 7 day forecast. we get warmer by the day. we approach the weekend and then hold mid 90's inland. low 80's around the bay up to 70 on the coast and graduate moderation of temperatures as we get into next week but warmth last for at least 7 days. before it stretches to taper off. >> very is in. thank you spencer very much. >> a lot of americans hit the red and driving around this summer. new study from the web site l here reveals we are really stressed when we are driving. in fact, we are even more stressed when we drive with a significant other and we fight a lot. l site list the
9:51 pm
top reasons that couples fight in the car. here they are. no. 1 speeding. 2, getting lost. 3, tailgating driving too close to the car in front of you. 4 being too aggressive hane the wheel. 5 bad parking. 6, bad raid why selections. that's a tough one. 7, driving too slowly. and 8, the kids fighting in the back seat. parents fighting up front. it's rough out there on the road. >> the snuv. >> larry is here even temper hane the wheel >> i'm very calm as you know at all times. pretty much. teenager daughter driving now. not so much bickering. more praying going on in the vehicle. >> i have been there. >> can we get there? please. it's like the first day back at school. alec smith 49 ers getting rae acquainted. as do the giants and phillies. this not the reunion the giants as do the giants and phillies. this not the reunion the giants had in main. insidedededededesi
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> coming up tonight at 11:00. putting out the ember of the fairfield plastic fire. we have a lack at the company safety record live report from the scene. >> hot dog may be as american as apple pie but eating too many has a down side. warning from doctors. those stories and more coming up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. we should tell that to joe chest nut the hot dog eating champion. >> he's impervious to any pain from a hot dog. unbelievable. >> yes. >> sickening any way. 49 ers.
9:55 pm
they open the doors bright and early this morning. smith was ready and waiting. free agent can't rae sign with the niners until friday the new recalls but expected to be a mere formality at this point. smith will get a 1 year deal for 5 million dollars. former number win pick in the draft has one final shot with the niners with quarterback gaw rue harbaugh new head coach feeling smith can effectively lead this team to the play offs. intriguing story though out there today. involving receipt van quarterback hasselbeck. not returning to the seahawks. supposedly in conversation with the 49 ers and tennessee titan titans. hard to imagine the niners signing beth smith and hasselbeck but see how it shakes out on friday. this we do know. niners losing linebacker spichblingt he will sign with the san diego chargers. reuniting with ex niner defensive coordinator and real asset on off the field. topped 100 tackle. mentor patrick willis. 14 year veteran. spike has never made
9:56 pm
it into the play offs. now harbaugh welcome red and gold team head quarter they are morning first lack at whole bunch of guys he has seen to this point only on videotape. l mike with more now from santa clara. >> this is joe stanley let me in. forty-niner players were extremeing in as early as 7 this morning lacking forward to getting back to work. >> i'm very happy. it has been a long time coming and just working out with the guys and not having our facility feeling like home, felt good to be back. >>reporter: unsign rookie free agent active player all flooding in to get the play become and meet their l coache coaches. >> being able to give it to coaches and meet with them and start working toward our season and getting ready is very exciting. >>reporter: some meet head coach harbaugh for the first time. >> we just smile talk and shack hands so i'm glad he's our coach and i'm just ready to get to it. >> he has some energy doesn't he. >> a lot of energy. a lot of tobacco in his mouth but it's
9:57 pm
good. >>reporter: it has been a listening 4 months for everyone involved and the theme is let's get back to work. >> guess since freshman year in college that i have had a winning season. sucks big time but i feel in optimistic about this season and about what we have and can't wait to get it started. >> players report to training camp on thursday. in santa clara, abc 7 sports. >> thank you. now the look out is over the frain remembers going to make a big push to get financing for a new stadium in santa clara. that means contacting interested banks. owner york spoke on conference call today. he addressed the recent report about the niners and raiders maybe joining force to build a facility they would share. >> we have discussed it that there is no plans. there's nothing in the works and again it is something that we remain open to but it has to be the right feel for 2 teams and nothing that anybody can force to make that happen. >> one final football note
9:58 pm
former michigan quarterback will continue his college career at san jose state. he started for the wolverines in 2009 and used as back up last year decided to transfer and sit thought come season with the spartans and eligible for the following year. baseball. show down series in philadelphia. tim would scratch and barry replace him and he got shelled. fanatic. is he the best mascot. he maybe right there 1st inning. trouble. raul and phillies jump out inform 4-1 lead. roughed up in the last start gave up 6 runs in 7 innings tonight in the sixth. huntly drive to center field. torrez doesn't get there. crazy off the wall by the time the jints run the ball down huntly thinks inside the park home run. round third. heading for home. relay play at the plate. he's safe. eli. safe by inches.
9:59 pm
looks lake the writ call. phillies had 7 hits in the game but 4 of them were home runs. here it comes. there it goes. ryan howard big boy off m o ta. giants got the 3 hit of their own tonight. 7-2 was the final in philadelphia. a ps and ray rays.en the second. he goes 8 strike out 3 1 run allowed. 2 nothing a's in the fifth. matsui heating up on david price. off the base of the wall. pennington in on the double 3 nothing a's. 4-1 game in the 8th inning. suzuki with line drive to rate center. score a pair. coming aleif here. 6-1 they have taken it to the series. >> good action tonight. >> that's this edition of 7 news for all of us hear, nice to be with you as always appreciate your time. hope to see you in an hour on than

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